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Termoprodukt Company was set up in 1996. We produce devices to control and measure temperatures and humidity. We started with measuring devices, but now in our offer we have also temperature and humidity dataloggers.

Measuring devices we produce are digital thermometers, hygrometers and temperature and humidity dataloggers. They can be used in food industry, in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, construction and in laboratories. Our devices are accommodated to work in hard conditions. Meeting the Clients needs, our devices are characterized by mechanical and temperature durability, various measuring ranges and various temperature sensors on various shapes.

Accuracy of our devices has been confirmed by independent Accredited Laboratories. The most accurate thermometer can measure temperature with an accuracy of 0,03°C and has a very small temperature drift time. This is why it can be used in laboratories and industry, where requirements are getting more and more strict.

We are specialized in manufacture of temperature sensors used in our devices. We produce measuring sensors type PT100, PT1000 and thermocouples type K with various measuring ranges. Temperature sensors are equipped with various types of connecting wires. They are resistant to temperature and mechanical damage what affects positively on devices work.

It’s been over 10 years since we started enriching our offer in new products. We started manufacturing temperature dataloggers and temperature and humidity dataloggers. Sensors that we use allow to measure values accurately. Currently our temperature and humidity dataloggers are equipped with the accurate SHT15 sensors produced by Swiss Company named SENSIRION.

We are constantly developing, creating new devices. Currently we offer a brand new temperature datalogger which allows to measure and register data with accuracy of 0,1°C on remote sensor. Datalogger named TERMIO 25 is a very accurate device with a unique memory system and reasonable price.

In the immediate future we are planning to manufacture devices with processors of ARM architecture. New processor means new possibilities and new functions, such as wireless communication and colour displays.

We equip our thermometers, hygrometers and dataloggers with Calibration Certificate issued by our Laboratory. Each of our devices is precisely verified. Our Clients can also order checking their devices in accredited laboratory, as the requirements are getting more strict. It always approves high quality of our devices.


  • guarantee and after-guarantee service for our products
  • various types of measuring probes adapted to individual customer needs
  • free updates of programs working with our devices
  • Calibration Certificate for each of our products


  • laboratory thermometers
  • industry thermometers
  • thermometers for refrigerators
  • temperature and humidity loggers
  • measuring probes